Inertia Swimming Platform

A swimming platform is the most efficient and least expensive way to increase the size of your boat.

Our platforms can be adjusted for all types of boats.
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They are all handmade with the same standards and practices used for a hull. Our platforms are the most resistant on the market.

Economic platform features

Handmade and debulled by hand, with the same materials and processess than a hull boat
Made with 5 alternating layers of different types of reinforced fiberglass
3 step retractable ladder and handles included
Available colors: Interia white
Light (approx. 4.7lbs/square feet)
Stainless steel and aluminum installation hardware kit

-> Optional:
Custom platforms available on demand
Can be installed at the Intertiafibre shop
Can be installed wherever you need
Retractable cleats
BBQ support
Financing available