Inertia Silverwax Quick Polymer Wax

Silverwax Quick Polymer Wax


473 ml

With Silverwax Quick Polymer Wax, you can wash your car and give it a newly luster all within just ten minutes! Along with providing an ultra-shiny finish with its carnauba-based formula, our Silverwax Quick Polymer Wax contains hydrophobic polymers and benefits from nanotechnologies to ensure long-lasting protection against road contaminants and bad weather.

  • Includes carnauba wax for to give it a special luster.
  • Protect your paint job against road contaminants.
  • Applies fast.
  • Can be applied under UV rays.
  • Can be applied on paint, moldings, lights and non matte vinyl covers.
  • Creates an ultra-resistant protective barrier thanks to the polymers.
  • Formulated from nanotechnologies
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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in